VAXstation 4000VLC

The only VAX hardware I currently own.
As of 2-OCT-2009 no longer the only one.

Some notes about it:
Apparently it's the smallest VAX in existance.
It had a RZ23L (~100MB) SCSI HDD; it now has a RZ26F (1GB!) internal HDD.
Apparently it will *NOT* boot from a non DEC HDD. It is able to work with other HDDs, just not boot off them.
It only has 16MB of RAM out of a maximum possible 24
It does have the framebuffer option, with RGB (Sync-on-Green) output.
It can be used (I think) with any old CRT monitor that has BNC inputs and option to accept Sync-on-Green. I use it with a Samsung SyncMaster 959NF that I got for free.

From Sync-On-Green to separate sync using the LM1881.

In order to replace the big CRT monitor with a slimmer TFT I had to separate the sync signals from composite - the TFT I have does not like Sync-On-Green. Initially I wanted to use a module from old Samsung CRT monitors, that allowed for S-O-G input, but eventualy I found that that module would not generate separate H/V sync. However, for the startup (text) mode, the monitor would work fine with composite sync signal on the H-Sync pin. In graphics mode however it would not work. In the end I simply connected the RGB signals to the monitor VGA input and I also connected the LM1881 to the Green signal (thru a .1uF capacitor). The LM1881 would generate composite (H+V) and vertical sync. Eventually I found that the composite sync works fine in place of H-Sync (if the V-Sync signal is ok), at least on my monitor. If this wouldn't have worked I could have used some logic gates to strip the V-Sync signal from the composite.
Documentation for this VAX:
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