MicroVAX 3600

Kind donation from Peter

BA-213 cabinet
DELQA Ethernet
TQK70 Tape controller, TK70 Tape drive attached
DHV11 (M3104) 8 channel serial adapter (w/o remote distribution panel)
CQD 223 SCSI controller with external SCSI connector
UC07 dual SCSI controller (2 UC07 on a quad board), 3 400MB disk drives attached (shown as RA81 in console)

Documentation (only the SCSI boards, for now):

My notes regarding it:
It has 3 SCSI RA81 "like" drives; however, one is full height 3.5" and the other 2 are double height 5.25". Strange.
Also, it has 2 SCSI controllers and the drives are connected to the second controller so they show as DUB0:, DUB1:, DUB2:
The UC07 had emulation for one of the controllers disabled. Using the manuals above I have been able to reconfigure so that the top one is primary controller and enable the "bottom" one. The reason was that I wanted to use the CQD-223 in another MicroVAX; due to the bulkhead being permanently attached (riveted) to the CQD-223 this was not possible. Right now I have to decide whether to configure it back the way it was or configure the CQD-223 to be the third(!) disk controller.
Installed OpenVMS 7.1 with UCX and seems to work fine, maybe I will set it to be part of vaxvms.ro domain.